Hi Professionals,

Welcome to Great Bug Hunter…

This is my first technical and non-technical blog. Most probably the technical section gives bore to you. However the non-technical part may cheers you.

The technical part gives more idea about Software Testing and its types; here I tried to give more efficient things about testing. I hope it’s very useful for beginner in testing field. Most of my friends expected to learn about software testing through online only. So, I dedicated the technical section to my friends.

Regularly reading technical things make you bored, so I try to posting some funny things to make you cheer up.

Now, I try to explain what is testing and how it is easy.

Testing is not a tough work; it’s really a great game like treasure Hunt.

Great Bug Hunter

A treasure hunt is games which can have players who try to find hidden articles; a software testing is also a game which can have testers who try to find hidden bugs/issues.

In treasure hunt, find a location or place by using a series of clues; In testing, find a bug or issue by using client requirement with a bit of logical thinking.

Each tester should have a motto

“Never try to Agree a Product is Perfect”

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